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Why us

We enjoy challenging and enabling companies and individuals to question, listen, learn and innovate.

We started the Solver brand in 2010. Our passion for learning was what brought us together. We were a handful of consultants with a solid background mainly in training, management and sales from industries as IT, services, production and others. 

From the beginning, our focus was on the participants’ experience. Having already a lot of training delivery experience helped to know what the audience expects from a learning session. In a world where people are busier by the day and our attention span and pacience are getting shorter, we knew we had to make learning attractive and fair.

We delivered our own, in-house designed learning solutions and they were a great success. We also delivered team building programs for a few years. Over time, we specialized on some specific subjects like IT skills, creativity and game-based learning because we found we can make a bigger difference there. 

Most of our clients are in IT, BPO, automotive, logistics, telecom. 

For the IT industry we have learning solutions that provide the right tools, guides and appropriate skills development tools for the developer, team-leader and business analyst.

We also work with diverse clients on developing skills of the future, as creativity, design thinking and critical thinking. These are skills suitable for teams in companies that want to be prepared for the future and want to innovate. 

For anyone that wants to view learning as an enjoyable experience, we have our game-based programs that build skills as: communication, change management, efficient meetings, planning, resource allocation, team work. 

For SMEs, we work with a consultancy program that brings lots of tools to implement and has great results. 

We enjoy challenging and enabling companies and individuals to question, listen, learn and innovate. We do that ourselves. This is our mission and we stick to it. It is present in our processes and our interactions. It’s what we feel it will make a better future in the learning industry.

When creating programs, we ask a lot of questions and listen to the clients. Then we gather knowledge and come up with the best information and methodology to guarantee its success in delivery.

We’ve also adapted training activities, duration of interventions, content and examples to be as relevant as possible.

Having a playful and creative culture allowed us to develop interactive trainings and experiential learning programs, gamification products or conference games that create a memorable experience for the participants. These programs produce lasting changes in behavior and increase commitment to the learning process.

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Adrian Bîlc

Trainer & Consultant
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Ronald Borsi

Co-founder & Head of creative

Cosmin Joldes

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Teodora Popa

Managing Partner
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Adrian Rusu

Content developer & Trainer
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Gabriel Uifălean



I had a unique learning experience every time and I felt I received useful insights.Calin Biris - IAA

I appreciated Solver team's creativity in training. We look forward to the following occasions to see "what's new".Cristian Balmos - Executive manager, Novatex

We had great training with Solver. They have always demonstrated professionalism and flexibility, becoming a reliable partner for our group of companies.Erik Barna – CEO and Founder, Life is Hard

I really appreciate the Rome game created by these people. It is very complex, you have to juggle with many resources. Its usefulness, apart from the obvious of amusement, consists in the multiple possibilities of debriefing on any theme or types of behaviors.Mihail Pricop – Training manager, Autonom Rent-A-Car


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