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We design innovative game-based learning programs and HR instruments and certify consultants and companies in using them. Our goal is to help individuals develop skills and produce measurable change in organizations all over the world.

Tested solutions

We offer licence on programs that we put in a lot of time and effort to develop, test, calibrate and validate.

Result oriented

Our designed from scratch products are highly specialized learning instruments that tackle high-impact issues.

Experience and skills

We are a group of HR consultants, instructional designers, researchers, graphic designers and testers that worked together in over 40 projects.

Objectives based process

We work with an instructional design process that allows us to deliver programs that faithfully follow the set objectives.

Creative solutions

For example, products we designed were: trainings, workshops, assessments, solution labs and game based learning activities.

Global reach

We train external companies to use the tools we develop and deliver the programs effectively for their target audience.


Becoming certified

Our licenses offer you the non-exclusive rights to use the activity, brand and associated materials as part of your companies offering or as a standalone learning solution.

We also work in developing custom projects where we offer full intellectual property on the product to the client.

Licence packages include tools, materials, manuals for trainers and participants and implementation checklists.

The licensing fees are established based on the number of implementation kits ordered and previous sales volumes.

Get in touch and tell us your program objectives. We will propose the best solution for accomplishing them.

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