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We offer as a franchise programs that we put in a lot of effort to develop, test, calibrate and validate. We work with an instructional design process that allows us to deliver programs that faithfully follow the set objectives. 

Our designed from scratch products are highly specialized learning instruments that tackle high-impact issues. For example, products we designed were: trainings, workshops, assessments, solution labs and game based learning activities. 

Examples of programs designed by us are: ToolBox IT training program, Skills of the Future training series, game based learning (Rome, Planetary Saga, Deep Sea Odyseey, Merchants of Venice).

Franchise packages include tools, materials, manuals for trainers and participants and implementation checklists. We also work with offering full intellectual property on the product to the client. 

We train your employees on how to use the tools we developed and deliver the program effectively for the target audience.  

First step is getting in touch with us and detail your program objectives and we will propose the best solution for accomplishing them. 

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