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Toolbox IT skills workshops

Toolbox IT Training

Target groups and skills developed

Developers and QA deploy interpersonal skills, critical thinking, analysis of requirements and creative problem solving.

Team Leaders practice feedback, leadership, leadership, and conflict management.

Business analysts participate in: design thinking in BA, gathering and synthesizing requirements, storytelling and presentation skills.

How it's done

We have a kick-off meeting to get commitment and set expectations.

IT skills workshops are short (4 hours) and performance focused, delivered using highly interactive and engaging methodology.

Participants receive relevant follow-up assignments that help them put the acquired skills into practice.

Theoretical information transfer happens through reading assignments so participants can chose when to read and no precious workshop time is wasted on theory.

Why implement Toolbox?

It has an adapted format with minimal impact on billable hours – We use 4 hour IT skills workshops that we usually hold in the afternoon so the time can be split between operations and personal time.
Suitable methodology – We use highly interactive training methods to captivate our crowds while still having everything well anchored in reality so participants find learning useful and immediately applicable.
Trainers with relevant industry experience – All of our trainers have at least 3 years’ IT experience in the positions they deliver training for.
Ergonomic – We get buy-in during kick-off meetings, remind people of topics through infographics, and let learners acquire theoretical info at their chosen time by providing them digital content.
Adapted content – theoretical info, examples, case studies, everything participants come into contact with is industry-specific to make learning actionable for them.
Performance-oriented – we keep theories to a minimum and focus on what participants can do after the IT skills workshops rather than on what they know.

What we aim to achieve

We want participants to achieve awesome interactions with colleagues and clients. Our vision is for them to be able to develop healthy relationships with those around them while keeping their employers interests in mind.

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