Easy ways to improve employee training effectiveness

  • 3 minutes read

I am sure that training is already an activity that takes place in your company, in some form or another. It has to fit into a set of specification you established or it has to accomplish a set of objectives received from management, but it’s there. As you also deal with limited budgets and demanding managers and training participants, a very important question is how to raise training effectiveness.

We have a few favourite ways to improve employee training effectiveness that we usually promote to our partners. They are easy to implement and don’t need much time or other resources:

1. Give answer to the question: “What’s in it for them?”

For a training to develop participants’ skills, it’s important to have buy in from them. It makes them more attentive and involved in their own learning. They will also be more encouraged to apply the skills in their work as they will understand the benefits of doing so. If your employees worked on a personal career path in the company, your work is very easy. You just have to show them where the selected trainings fit in developing their skills to advance in their career.

2. Do follow-up sessions

After a month or two after a training, the information delivered will not be in their mind anymore. A quick refresh will be very useful. These mini sessions should also enable them to discuss about the challenges in applying what they learned. Another benefit is that it will give you an idea about the next learning opportunities they should participate in.

3. Choose participants that will use immediately the learned skills

Some might think that allowing employees to participate in a skills training even if they will not be able to apply them in the following months can be encouraging for people. The truth is that it does the opposite. It makes them frustrated that they cannot do what they learned. They will also forget most of it by the time they can actually use it.

4. Ask your employees

Your employees are a great source of information about organizational performance and their own needs. They know a lot about what’s going on and what needs to be changed so they can perform better. They’ll appreciate your interest and feel valuable as a part of the company.

5. Begin with the end in mind

Effective training is training that improves employee performance, and improved performance helps achieve business objectives. Create a learning plan that is takes into account the organizational objectives. Make sure employees are aware of them and of their contribution in achieving them.

6. Keep innovating

As time and technology progressed, we have seen great improvements in the content and delivery methods of training. We have also seen old content and methods being promoted even if they don’t offer as much efficiency for participants learning. We suggest to keep an open mind to the new, ask a lot about the methodologies training companies use and make sure they apply successfully to the different needs of participant types.

See HERE how we implement experiential learning in some of our innovative trainings.

The training you employ should be worth its investment. By adjusting some of the ways you choose the training subjects, the delivery methods or the way you promote the learning opportunities, you can improve training effectiveness in your company.