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Client stories


it skills workshops

Industry-specific training for market leader IT company

A leading IT company required a soft skills training series for junior software engineers in order to prepare them for entry level consultancy jobs. They implemented ToolBox, a training program that did not take a large toll on operational time of employees. The learning solution had highly adapted content and methodology, and was delivered by experienced professionals from the IT industry.

Creative Confidence used to reduce buffer storage for a production company

A multinational flexographic production company wanted to reduce storage buffers. Solver’s creativity and innovation specialists delivered a Creative Confidence workshop followed by a creative problem solving session. Participants, mostly senior process, quality, and logistics engineers worked together using design thinking to solve a costly issue.

invatare experientiala

An experiential intervention in Management Team Days with the program ROME

A leader in the constructions and logistics market wanted a more interesting way to spend the Management Team Days. They wished for an activity that could bring them together for a common objective. Another expectation was that everyone should be involved and encouraged to share their opinions on various company issues. We delivered ROME, a program that is highly engaging and had a thorough debriefing session in which we discussed everything needed.

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