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Skills of the Future training

Skills of the Future

Target group and skills developed

Our typical participants for Skills of the future training include both junior and senior knowledge workers.

  • Creative Confidence – is meant to help individuals and teams grow their innovation potential and creative output. The program offers practical instruments and an algorithmic approach that’s easy to follow for novices and seasoned veterans alike.
  • Critical thinking – We analyze data and make decisions regarding what is true, how to react to feedback, what the best technical solution would be and so on. The result will determine our performance in each of the areas in question. Critical thinking helps improve skills like reasoning, evaluating, problem solving and decision making.
  • Emotional intelligence – Modern human interactions can be incredibly complex and require the use of a unique skillset in order to run smoothly. By improving their emotional intelligence participants will be able to develop relationships that are more harmonious and effective at the same time.
  • People management – This program will offer necessary tools and knowledge for managers of all experience levels to motivate and appraise their team, to manage conflict in the work place and to lead and make decision on a day to day basis. Participants will gain decision-making, leadership, management and performance management skills. 
How it's done

4 – 6 hours interactive workshops

All theoretical information is available beforehand in order to maximize the effectiveness of the sessions

Participants receive practical tools and a learning roadmap that they can use to perfect their skills autonomously.

Why choose Skills of the Future

Skills of the future format and content takes into account today’s learning preferences and attention span – no death by Power Point, we promise.

The workshops are delivered by subject matter experts.

This training series puts learning into a “can do” context in order to make learning immediately actionable.

You can choose the whole series or only one of the trainings or any combination best suits your company needs.

What we aim to achieve

Skills of the Future training is a collection of workshops meant to prepare the employees for the challenges of the modern companies. Our approach to developing these skills is highly practical. We provide the participants with systems and instruments they can use autonomously to continue perfecting their trade long after the workshop has finished.

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