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SME Consultancy

sme consultancy


The aim of our consultancy service is to help small and medium enterprises get as organized and efficient as large corporations without losing their souls and culture in the process.

We use the similar tools as the classical consulting companies but we give them a necessary twist so they fit local reality.

The tried and tested framework we use along with the “up-close” involvement of our consultants ensure highly successful implementations.

  1. Establishing goals for the change initiative

    Through Planetary Saga™, our proprietary experiential learning activity, we establish what the goals are for the change initiative we undertake together.

  2. Establishing mission, vision, values

    We help you clearly define values and refresh the mission and vision for the company. We also have a handy toolkit you can use to make the new info well-known and popular throughout the organization.

  3. Contingency Leadership Workshop

    Middle and top managers take part in a Leadership workshop (adaptive leadership or path-goal leadership, depending on their needs) that helps them steer the organization in an aligned manner, based on the values you provided.

  4. Updating JD, organizational chart and HR processes

    During this process your objectives will play a central role. We design the right HR policies, procedures and structures in order to help your business stay agile and competitive.

  5. Processes and procedures

    Just the right ones and just the right amount. Processes and procedures shouldn’t stifle autonomy or creative thinking, but they have to set clear ground rules and state what do “good” and “done” mean.

  6. Establishing OKRs or KPIs

    Now that you have clearly defined what people have to do, you can start measuring how they perform in order to be able to provide them with relevant and objective feedback. You can choose to implement either OKR or KPI system.

  7. Management Training

    Middle managers will participate in a highly practical training that will teach them how to use the new systems we put into place. They will learn to hold one-on-one meetings, use OKR, do efficient planning together with other stakeholders, explain JDs and enforce procedures.

  8. Optional services

    On demand if you require it we can help your teams become more creative, run design sprints and hackatons, prototype products and services, apply design thinking in your R&D department or prepare important presentations.

Find out how more about how we can apply this process to your business.

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