SOLVER has a new look! 

Solver changes its brand to better represent innovation and learning of the future. We enjoy challenging and enabling companies and individuals to question, listen, learn and innovate.  

In the last year, we strongly felt that the visual image we had and the way we transmitted it was not really right for us. We noticed people had a hard time understanding what we’re about. One reason was that our brand was traditional, old school and very tamed. So we thought: how can we represent innovation and learning of the future better? It was time for a change.

Training Cluj
Solver Training Cluj




We remained faithful to some elements, as the colour orange. Branding theory says it’s fresh, youthful, creative and adventurous. Could not have said it better to describe our innovative company culture. This colour also stimulates the logic centre of the brain and promotes enthusiasm. It’s something we really want to achieve through our learning programs.

We are an approachable and friendly company. Also, we see clients as partners and we’re driven by results in our collaboration. Currently we our main training office is in Cluj.

Our in-house developed programs stand as an evidence to the fact that we are innovative. So we ask a lot of questions, listen, learn more about subjects and we respond to the market needs with creative programs. As an example, in the last years we developed workshops for the IT industry that provide the right tools, guides and appropriate skills for the developer, team-leader and business analyst. We’ve also adapted training activities, duration of interventions, content and examples to be as relevant as possible.

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Also take a look at our game-based learning programs. Imagine them in action. They’re engaging, fun and they build skills easy to apply.

Our mission – we enjoy challenging companies and individuals to question, listen, learn and innovate.

We enjoy challenging companies and individuals to question, listen, learn and innovate. We do that ourselves. This is our mission and we stick to it. You can find it present in our processes and our interactions. It’s what we feel it will make a better future in the learning industry. Even if we mainly do training in Cluj, we work on projects with companies from all over the country, and even in Netherlands and Switzerland.

We thank all the partners that were here for us in our almost 10 years of existence and we promise to try to be a bit better with every single day. Learning never stops.